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Trafag Image Film

Trafag Image Film A thriving business

Trafag AG

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Online videos are becoming shorter to cater to the shorter attention span of viewers. This trend was deliberately defied with the production of Trafag AG's new image film.

In today's world, online videos are becoming shorter to cater to the decreasing attention span of viewers. This trend is exactly what Trafag AG wanted to break with their new corporate documentary. Instead of creating a typical image film, Trafag approached soma to come up with a new idea that would be both informative and personal, with a close and human touch to it. The result of this collaboration is a beautifully crafted corporate documentary that tells the story of Trafag AG through the eyes of its employees and customers. The film is designed to not just generate random clicks, but to actually reach out to high-qualified professionals who have a genuine interest in the field and want to learn more about the company. The intention was to create a corporate documentary film that would be accessible to all employees and give them an insight into the company's activities and what they have achieved in their work. With the concept of a corporate documentary film, Trafag was portrayed in an innovative way. The film shows how people interact with one another at work and how they approach their tasks. It also shows how they resolve problems with one another and deal with stress in different situations. When planning for the Trafag AG corporate documentary film, we knew that capturing the essence of the company and its people was key. Our aim was to create a film that not only showcased the company's projects and vision, but also the unique work atmosphere and culture. To do this, we carefully selected the locations, equipment and crew to ensure that everything was in place for a successful shoot. During the two busy days of filming, we had to be mindful of lighting, sound and overall composition to create an engaging and visually appealing film. Our team worked closely with the Trafag AG employees, taking time to get to know them and their roles, so that we could accurately portray the company through their perspectives. The result was a film that effectively showcased the company's values and personality, making it relatable to its stakeholders and capturing their attention. The company's current projects were presented, and the visions of the future were brought forward. The aim was to emphasise that Trafag AG is a company with a long-term perspective but also with a sense of innovation and is able to adapt its products to changing customer needs. The general narrative of the Trafag AG film was a crucial aspect for us to consider. We wanted the film to be personal and close to the company culture, which is why we decided against a professional voice-over. Instead, we wanted the film to be narrated by the company's own voice. This allowed us to get as close as possible to the company culture and truly showcase the Trafag AG in the best light possible. After careful consideration, we concluded that the closest representation of the company culture would come from the CEO. Hence, we decided that the CEO should narrate the film, providing an insider perspective and adding a human touch to the film. This approach added authenticity to the film, making it more relatable and accessible to the audience, who could feel connected to the Trafag AG and the people behind it. In conclusion, Trafag AG's new corporate documentary film is a unique and successful example of how companies can break the mold of traditional image films. By showcasing the company's people, projects, and philosophies, the film gives a personal touch that is lacking in most other corporate films. The film has received overwhelmingly positive feedback, and it will be interesting to see the impact it has on recruitment in the future.

01 The Problem

Trafag has customers all over the world and an expanding network of potential new customers. All want to learn more about the company. The existing image film was outdated and needed to be replaced with a newer version that showcases the company's innovative work fields.

02 The Solution

With the concept of a corporate documentary film, Trafag was portrayed in an innovative way. Filming took place over several days in the style of a documentary. The focus was on people and characters, through which we depicted life at Trafag in two different lengths. Current projects, visions, and the company's philosophy were presented, as well as areas that go beyond the professional work environment. This provides interested viewers with a comprehensive insight into the working atmosphere at Trafag AG.

03 The Result

The feedback on all channels was phenomenal. Customers and partners were thrilled to finally learn more about the people they see on their screens during video conferences. They also assured that they were confident they were working with the right partner. Up-to-date recruitment figures for new employees cannot be provided at this time, but we are in communication with Trafag AG to deliver the exact figures as soon as possible.