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soma - a name with many meanings. To some, a drug that lets you brave new worlds. To others, a sacred substance of ancient Indian mythology. To you, the partner that elevates you to your fullest potential.

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Join forces with our team of creative experts with backgrounds in advertising, film, and television.

Together, we'll develop a unique brand story that rises above the noise and competition. Elevate your vision to the next level with our fast and high-quality results that not only surprise, but also persuade.

Let's team up to fashion a captivating tale that energizes your brand and captures your audience.


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01 /   Exploration

We listen and learn about your company, brand, and goals. We work with you to identify your target audience and message. This allows us to create content that resonates with your audience.

02 /   Creation

Our experts create tailored solutions using our experience and technology, delivering high-quality results that exceed your expectations with exceptional service.

03 /   Production

We use world-class talent to bring ideas to life with meticulous planning and execution, delivering high-quality output that captivates audiences.

04 /   Amplification

We ensure your films and animations reach the right audience with complementary content, expertise, and targeted marketing strategies for maximum impact.


Markus Etter

Markus Etter

Creative Director


Rudolf Isler

Rudolf Isler

Deputy CEO

Senior Consultant

Manuel Gamma

Manuel Gamma


Digital Marketing

William H. W. Read

William H. W. Read

Lead Post-Production Specialist


Satisfied customers reached their goals with moving images.


Years of combined industry experience.


Hours of film and animation produced.

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