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Employer Branding Films:

Employer Branding Films: Win better applicants


Mar 06

In a rapidly changing job market, employer branding videos are the best way to differentiate your company from the competition and attract the right talent to your team, which is essential for the continued success of your business.

For any employer, the top priority is not just to attract a large number of candidates, but to attract the right ones – highly specialized and motivated professionals who can compete in a competitive job market.

Credibility is the most important criterion for inspiring a confident, new generation of workers to join your company. And strong, modern content attracts strong, innovative personalities.

Are you having trouble reaching out to the right talent??

The economy is in a global competition for the best talent. It is difficult for companies to find these individuals in an environment where many other firms are also vying for the same talent. The competition is fierce, and in a time plagued by a shortage of skilled workers, there are particularly many attractive job offers for employees. Many workers choose the employer that best suits them, regardless of pay. Therefore, it is important for companies to create a positive work environment and have a good corporate culture. These needs must be taken into account, and companies must be increasingly flexible to accommodate them. Only in this way can one compete with others and attract the best talent. But how can a company effectively establish itself as a dream employer to the outside world?

In an increasingly visual society, recruitment videos are the most effective tool to qualify your brand and corporate culture externally. A study by HubSpot showed that conversion rates increase by 80% with a marketing video. The proportion of users who not only browse and watch a little, but engage, interact, or make a purchase, almost doubles.

Another study by CareerBuilder also showed that job postings with a video are viewed 12% more frequently and result in an average of a 34% higher application rate. While this may seem good at first glance, it inevitably leads to higher administrative effort to find exactly the candidates they need from this larger pool.

Recruitment films and employer branding videos both aim to attract new employees, but the former specifically targets a particular job opening, while the latter presents the company as an attractive employer in general. With an employer branding or recruitment film, you can attract exactly the audience that will contribute to your long-term success, and Soma is happy to design and produce the perfect film for you. Here are some helpful tips from the experts on what to keep in mind when creating a recruitment film.

If you want to create a recruitment video, it's important to first determine your goals. The main objective is to persuade potential candidates to choose your company as their employer and strengthen your employer brand. A great recruitment video provides insight into the work environment and conveys an authentic impression of your company.

But be careful: a recruitment video is not an ordinary commercial. It's not about impressing potential candidates with impressive company statistics. Instead, you should focus on the soft factors that are crucial for candidates. These include a good work environment, work-life balance, fun in the team, flat hierarchies and opportunities for advancement, as well as flexible working hours and workplace design.

To communicate these important reasons for applying, it's recommended that you ask your employees. What excites them about your company, and why did they choose to work there in the first place? These reasons are what will convince future candidates to join your company.

If you follow these basic principles and give your recruitment video a professional look and feel, you will have the best chance of inspiring the right candidates for your company.


Authenticity is key when it comes to a recruitment video. If it doesn't feel authentic, potential candidates will find it hard to believe. Unlike an image film, which often portrays an idealized and polished image, a recruitment video should provide a realistic insight into daily work life.

A great way to create authenticity is to let your employees speak for themselves in the video. This way, they can share their personal experiences and opinions, and viewers get an impression of the real people who work at your company. Try to avoid using scripts or pre-written dialogues as much as possible. Let your employees speak freely and express their own thoughts and feelings.

Of course, this can lead to a video that is not perfect or polished. But that's precisely the charm and the goal of a recruitment video: it should be credible and encourage potential candidates to identify with your company. If viewers feel that they are seeing real people they can identify with, you have already taken an important step towards successful recruitment.

Professional look and feel

The professional look and feel of your recruiting video is of great importance as it is perceived as a reflection of your company. A well-produced and appealing video gives the impression that your company is professional, modern, and cares about presenting its work environment and employees in the best possible way.

Such a video can also help potential candidates to better identify with your company. Through the visual representation of your work environment and employees, potential candidates can gain insights into the culture and working style of your company. If the video makes a positive impression, this increases the likelihood that candidates will want to apply to your company.

In addition, a professional recruiting video can help to strengthen your employer brand and increase your competitiveness in the job market. When candidates have to choose between several options, an appealing video can make the difference and encourage them to choose your company.

Overall, a professional recruiting video is an important part of your employer branding strategy. It presents a positive image of your company and can help you attract the best talent for your team.

Who will produce your recruiting video?

While it's technically possible to produce a recruiting video yourself with just a camera, a decent microphone, and some basic video editing skills, enlisting the help of professionals can ensure that your video not only has top-notch quality, but also effectively conveys the emotions and messaging you want to share. Many video production companies have experience creating compelling recruiting videos and can help bring your vision to life.

Working with professionals can also help you avoid potential pitfalls and ensure that your video effectively communicates your message. For example, a professionally produced recruiting video will typically be between 1 and 3 minutes long, and feature a small number of key employees sharing their experiences and perspectives about your company.

By collaborating with professionals, you can create a recruiting video that truly stands out and helps you attract top talent to your organization. So if you want to ensure that your recruiting video is as effective as possible, consider partnering with a video production team that can help you create a powerful and persuasive message.

Simplicity is key

The final and perhaps most important piece of advice: a recruiting video does not need to be excessively original. What makes a recruiting video effective is providing a glimpse into the daily work routine, featuring stories and interviews with colleagues, and showing images of the future workplace. Originality requires the work of professionals; otherwise, you run the risk of giving the wrong impression.


Videos are an incredible asset to your recruiting process. When shared in an appealing job ad on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter, or prominently placed on your career page, they can achieve a good reach. Moreover, videos speak to your potential candidates in a much more direct and emotional way. It is important to keep your video authentic and avoid turning it into a soulless corporate film. Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience and try to convey the most important information – this way, you will achieve the desired effect and attract suitable and qualified candidates.

Pro Tip: Avoid using scripts and pre-written dialogues as much as possible. Let your team speak freely and from the heart. This may make your video appear less polished, but the goal is not to be perfect, but rather authentic. If your viewers feel like they're watching real people they can relate to, you've already won.

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