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The Steam Bar vaping instead of smoking



Projekt Kurz

InSmoke recognized the trend early on. Smoking cigarettes is a thing of the past.


The company invested in e-cigarettes in 2015 and has been at the forefront of innovation ever since. In fact, InSmoke was one of the very first companies to use e-cigs for marketing its product. The company's mission is simple: make smoking obsolete by offering an alternative that is cleaner than cigarettes and helps smokers quit. InSmoke recently launched its first product, InSmoke Vape, which is a portable battery-powered vaporizer that looks like a cigarette but doesn't contain any tobacco or nicotine. The device is designed to look like a cigarette, but it's actually powered by lithium-ion batteries and uses e-liquid cartridges instead of tobacco leaves. InSmoke believes that vaping is a safer alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes because there's no combustion involved with vaping, so there's no smoke or ash produced during use. E-cigarettes also produce fewer toxins than traditional cigarettes, which can cause lung cancer and other health problems over time. In order to quickly introduce its new product to the market and boost sales, the company needed to make its product known to as many potential customers as possible. The use of television advertising was deemed the best strategy to reach the target audience of InSmoke, the company that wanted to bring an innovative new product to the Swiss market. The goal was to quickly increase sales figures and familiarise as many potential buyers as possible with the product. To achieve this, InSmoke wanted to make sure that their message was seen by as many people as possible. By using regional broadcasting in combination with advertising on the company's digital channels, InSmoke could reach their target audience and make them aware of their new product. Soma was tasked with producing an advertisement that would be both short and entertaining, conveying the important message of a world without smoke. The advertisement had to be eye-catching and memorable, ensuring that the target audience would pay attention until the very last second. Soma succeeded in producing a funny and colourful clip that achieved this goal, grabbing the attention of the target audience and making a lasting impression. The advertisement was only 16 seconds long, but it effectively communicated the core message of InSmoke's new product - a vaping device that offered an alternative to traditional smoking. The bright and colourful visuals, combined with the light-hearted and humorous tone of the advertisement, made it a standout piece of marketing. The advertisement was designed to engage the target audience and spark their interest in the product, encouraging them to take the next step and learn more about what InSmoke had to offer. The result of this marketing effort was a quick increase in sales for InSmoke's vaping device. The success of this product allowed the company to expand their product line, providing even more options for customers who wanted to quit smoking. The advertisement was an essential component of InSmoke's marketing strategy, contributing significantly to the success of the company and its product. By using a combination of digital and traditional marketing methods, InSmoke was able to reach its target audience and convince them to try their innovative new product. As a result of the TV campaign, sales of InSmoke Vapes quickly rose, allowing the company to expand its product line. The success of the campaign highlights the importance of regionally broadcasted TV advertisements in complementing digital marketing efforts and effectively reaching a large audience. InSmoke's innovative product not only met consumer demand for a healthier alternative to smoking but also demonstrated the potential of TV advertising to quickly increase sales and brand awareness. InSmoke’s sales figure rose quickly so that the product range could be further expanded. The company claims that it has sold more than a million devices worldwide, making it one of the most popular brands on the market today. This success was due to their commitment to creating quality products at affordable prices and providing customers with excellent customer service.

Projekt Kurz

InSmoke is a company dedicated to offering an alternative to traditional cigarettes that is cleaner, safer, and helps smokers quit. Its first product, InSmoke Vape, is a portable battery-powered vaporizer that looks like a cigarette but doesn't contain any tobacco or nicotine. In order to introduce the new product to the Swiss market and boost sales, InSmoke turned to TV advertising. Soma was tasked with creating a short, eye-catching, and memorable ad that effectively communicated the message of a world without smoke. The result was a successful campaign that quickly increased sales and contributed to the company's growth. The success of the campaign highlighted the potential of TV advertising to reach a large audience and increase brand awareness. Today, InSmoke is one of the most popular brands on the market, with a commitment to quality products and excellent customer service.

01 The Challenge

InSmoke wanted to go to the Swiss market with an innovative new product. In order to quickly get the sales figures to enter the market, the product had to be made known to as many potential buyers as possible.

02 The Solution

As support for the usual application on the company's own digital channels, regional distribution on TV is the best strategy to be seen in the target group. Soma produced an entertaining commercial that conveys the most important message in 16 seconds: finally a world without smoke. The funny and colourful clip guarantees attention until the last second.

03 The Result

The sales figure of INSMOKE VAPES rose quickly so that the product range could be further expanded.