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The Pass

The Pass

Red Bull


Projekt Kurz

Red Bull is well-known for its adventurous and adrenaline-fueled marketing campaigns, and their latest branding clip is no exception. The film production company tasked with creating this masterpiece was thrilled to be part of such a high-stakes project.


According to Michael Lauer, Red Bull's Global Brand Manager, the company has been working on this video for months. "It's always been something we had to do," he says, "but we never knew what it would look or feel like until we saw it in action." The Pass is the most exciting way to experience Red Bull's world-class events. The end result was a visually stunning video that presents the brand as exciting and captivating as possible. Not only is Red Bull known for its unique advertising approach, but it also has a long tradition of producing clips featuring athletes performing stunts while wearing the brand's product on their face or body. The idea behind The Pass is simple: in a video that has already been viewed over 280,000 times, a Formula One car drives up a Swiss mountain, providing viewers with a unique perspective on the breathtaking landscape. The narrow roads and curves of the mountain made the perfect backdrop for the car's high-speed ride, and the roar of the engine echoed throughout the valley, adding to the clip's excitement. Using a real Formula One car for the shoot seemed like a fun idea at first. But oh no, it turned out to be a day full of unexpected challenges and obstacles! The crew had to deal with the complex technology of the car and its demanding requirements. It was definitely not a ride in an Opel Corsa through the city, but the result was worth it! The stunning scenery and the deafening sound of the engine made the shoot an unforgettable experience for the entire team. We were thrilled to be a part of this project. It was an opportunity to learn more about Red Bull, how they work, what their brand stands for, and what their intentions were with this collaboration. It's always great to work with such well-known brands because you know people are paying attention to what you do. The finished video perfectly showcases how a brand can reach its fans. They create an experience that gives people what they want while also helping them feel closer to the brand itself.

01 The Result

The video was shared hundreds of thousands of times on YouTube worldwide, capturing the attention of Red Bull's target audience and showcasing the brand's adventurous spirit. This makes the video so impactful – it's not just a simple car commercial. It's a visual representation of the Red Bull brand and the kind of lifestyle it represents. It's the perfect example of a successful branding campaign where the goal was not just to sell a product but to engage and captivate the audience uniquely and memorably.

02 The Solution

The video features a Formula 1 car racing up a Swiss mountain, offering viewers a unique perspective on the stunning landscape. The narrow roads and curves of the mountain provided the perfect backdrop for the car's high-speed journey, and the engine's roar echoed throughout the valley, adding to the overall excitement of the clip. Despite the high speed, it's hard not to be in awe of the breathtaking scenery, making us wonder if the driver got to enjoy the magnificent view as they raced up the mountain.

03 The Challenge

The Pass can be seen as a way for people to avoid responsibility and blame others for the problems in their lives. They argue that “The Pass” is a way for struggling people to let go of their problems and responsibilities, which allows them to avoid taking action.