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The Swisscom All IP project was a massive undertaking for the telecommunications giant, as they transitioned the entire Swiss telephone network from traditional analog to modern digital IP technology. This fundamental transformation had major implications for businesses across the country, as countless systems were built and integrated on the analog infrastructure.

To ensure a smooth transition and avoid any disruptions to business operations, it was crucial that all companies in Switzerland were informed and educated about the upcoming change. That's where our team at soma came in. Our task was to create a film that would effectively communicate the benefits and details of the All IP project in an engaging and easily digestible format. We knew that this was no small feat, as the subject matter could easily become dry and technical. To overcome this challenge, we decided to take an innovative approach by combining real film footage with CGI animation. The result was a visually stunning and highly entertaining film that effectively conveyed the message of the All IP project while also keeping viewers engaged. The film follows the journey of a CGI character as he visits a typical business and demonstrates how All IP technology can improve and optimise their daily operations. Through a seamless integration of CGI and real film footage, we were able to create a realistic and relatable story that resonated with businesses across the country. Creating the perfect 3D character to represent the transition of the All IP project was a crucial aspect of the film we produced for Swisscom. We wanted to make the transition feel personal and friendly, and the use of a virtual character was the perfect solution. We began by designing a character that was relatable and approachable, with a friendly and curious demeanor. The character was designed to be the "face" of the All IP project, guiding viewers through the process and demonstrating the benefits of the new technology. One of the major challenges we faced was the interaction between the actors and the virtual character. We wanted the character to feel like a real, tangible presence on set, but this required a high level of coordination between the live-action actors and the animation team. To achieve this, we brought in a team of animators from a specialized studio to work on set with us. They were able to provide real-time animation and visual effects, allowing the actors to interact with the character in a natural and seamless way. The results were truly amazing. The virtual character was able to bring the All IP project to life in a way that was engaging and relatable. Viewers were able to connect with the character on a personal level, and the transition was no longer just a technical change, but a friendly and approachable process. The use of a virtual character was a key factor in the success of the film, and it was an honor for us to work with a team of talented animators to bring this character to life. The results of our collaboration were truly impressive, and we are proud of the impact it had on the Swiss business community. The response to the film was overwhelmingly positive. Many businesses reached out to Swisscom after viewing the film to learn more about how the All IP project would impact their operations. Due to the success of the initial campaign, Swisscom decided to continue the informational campaign with a series of 2D animated infoclips to answer the most frequently asked questions and provide updates on the progress of the All IP project. We are extremely proud of the work we did on this film. We not only helped Swisscom effectively communicate the complexities of the All IP project, but we also helped businesses understand the benefits and prepare for the transition. It was a challenging project, but we were able to deliver a film that exceeded our client's expectations and had a real impact on the Swiss business community. Following the success of the initial film, Swisscom continued their informational campaign with a series of 2D animated infoclips. These infoclips provided updates on the progress of the All IP project and directly answered the most frequently asked questions from customers. This approach allowed Swisscom to keep businesses informed and educated throughout the transition process.

01 The challenge

Swisscom needed to inform all businesses in Switzerland about the transition from traditional analog to digital IP technology and the impact it would have on their operations.

02 The solution

We created a film that combines real footage with CGI animation, demonstrating how the All IP project could improve business operations and make it more engaging for the viewer.

03 The result

The film was a success, receiving positive feedback from businesses and leading to a continuation of the informational campaign. The use of a virtual character was a key factor in making the transition feel personal and friendly.