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The Loop One

The Loop One A smarter solution for blood collection

Loop Medical


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The Loop One is an exceptional, groundbreaking creation by the ingenious team at Loop Medical. This amazing device is truly a game-changer in the world of medical blood sampling, delivering unmatched levels of convenience, comfort and painlessness for patients, while also taking the medical industry to new heights of efficiency, quality, and standardization. With its unique features, Loop One is a prime example of how modern technology can revolutionize an age-old process and make it better, faster and smarter.

Bringing the Loop One to market maturity required the investment of capital, and in today's highly competitive environment of startups, this is no small feat. With so many similar businesses vying for the attention of investors, Loop Medical needed to find a solution to truly stand out and shine. Simply having a great product wasn't enough, they needed a way to showcase the true potential and brilliance of Loop One, and convince investors to take a closer look. Facing the challenge of securing investments in a crowded market of start-ups, Loop Medical knew that they needed to come up with a solution that would set them apart and grab the attention of potential investors. Recognizing that their innovative product, Loop One, offered a unique advantage in the field of medical blood sampling, Loop Medical turned to soma for help in communicating this advantage to the world. With a deep understanding of the market and a creative approach to storytelling, soma was the perfect partner for Loop Medical as they worked to showcase the value of their product and secure the investment necessary to bring Loop One to market maturity. With soma's expertise in developing engaging and impactful explainer films, Loop Medical was able to create a compelling narrative that highlighted the benefits of Loop One. The cost-effective short film that showcases the benefits of Loop One in an entertaining and easily understandable way, without getting bogged down in technical details. Soma carefully selected the most important selling points of the product and packaged them into a fun and engaging film. The result was a success: Loop Medical was able to secure 5.9 million Swiss francs in investment funds. The concept of a "fundraiser film" may be a unique one, but that is exactly what was needed in this case. How does one stand out from the crowd of competing, equally intelligent product innovations when seeking investors? How does one convince investors with limited time to take a closer look at a product? The answer, as demonstrated by Loop One, is with a well-crafted and entertaining film that highlights the product's key benefits. The Loop One film created by soma effectively communicates the product's strengths, differentiating it from its competitors and attracting the attention of investors. The successful outcome of 5.9 million Swiss francs in investment funds speaks to the film's success in achieving its goal. The development of the Loop One is a prime example of how a cleverly designed and executed film can make a huge impact in the process of securing investments. The film's music video-style format made the technical details of the product more accessible and appealing to a wider audience, helping to bring the product one step closer to market maturity. This case study serves as a powerful demonstration of the potential impact that a well-made film can have on a product's success.

01 The Challenge

In order to further develop Loop One to market maturity, Loop Medical needs investors. Of course, they are not alone in the free market. Loop Medical needs a solution that gets them noticed and sets them apart from comparable startups.

02 The Solution

We realised a cost-effective short film that works out all the advantages of Loop One in a music video style in an entertaining and understandable way, without getting lost in the details. Soma has selected the most important USPs from the wealth of technical innovations and packed them into an enjoyable dose of film.

03 The Result

The film worked: Loop Medical was able to secure 5.9 million Swiss francs in investment funds. Investment Gain Articles: Loop Medical Closes $6.4 Million Series A Financing


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