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Code of Ethics and Conduct

AO Foundation


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The AO Foundation has made it their mission to promote and protect patient safety worldwide. Since 2007, the organization founded in 1996 has been working on a code of conduct for surgeons to ensure that medical practice is based on sound scientific knowledge and ethical guidelines. The "Code of Ethics and Conduct" was developed in collaboration with the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia (CPSBC), and prescribes a set of rules to be followed by physicians who practice worldwide under the AO label.

Choosing the right language to communicate important content to specific target audiences is crucial to the success of any communication strategy. Our goal in collaborating with the AO Foundation was to find the right language and story vessel to effectively communicate their message to their target audience. Through a collaborative process of brainstorming, idea generation, and feedback, we were able to develop a film that depicts the interaction between a patient and a surgeon, providing direct and humorous answers to burning questions. This final product effectively conveyed the message of the AO Foundation in a way that was both engaging and informative, effectively reaching their target audience. Our team is proud to have worked with the AO Foundation to find the right language and story vessel to support their mission of promoting and protecting patient safety worldwide.

The film that emerged from our collaboration tells the story of a patient who is seeking answers to her questions about surgery. The interaction between the patient and the surgeon is portrayed in a humorous and direct way to answer the patient's questions in an entertaining and informative way. The visually appealing animation and the catchy language of the film make it a unique and unforgettable experience for the audience. By using humor and directness, the film successfully creates a connection between the viewers and the topic, imparting a deeper understanding of the subjects of surgery and patient safety. We are proud to have been a part of this project and believe that the resulting film will make a valuable contribution to promoting patient safety.

The positive response to the film was overwhelming and confirms that it was worth investing the time and resources to develop a high-quality film. The film has been seen by thousands of doctors and has resulted in a measurable increase in requests for the document. The high quality of the animation and the clear and concise language used in the film contributed to its success with the target audience and left a lasting impression. We are pleased that the film was able to contribute to fulfilling the mission of the AO Foundation to promote and protect patient safety worldwide. The success of the film demonstrates the importance of investing in high-quality communication tools to effectively convey messages and achieve desired outcomes. We are proud that our work was able to help raise awareness of patient safety and promote discourse within the medical community.

Projekt Kurz

The AO Foundation has created a Code of Ethics and Conduct for surgeons worldwide. They developed a communication strategy to sensitize practitioners and ensure that all members are aware of the code. The initiative emphasizes the AO Foundation's role as a visionary in the medical industry and has been successful in increasing downloads of the online document.

01 The Challenge

The AO Foundation has published an ethical guide for practicing surgeons. In this "Code of Ethics and Conduct," all doctors practicing under the "AO" label worldwide are prescribed a code of conduct according to which they must act. The AO Foundation was looking for an encouraging communication that would encourage as many of their contract doctors as possible to download and internalize the guide.

02 The Solution

With a dynamic, funny film from the point of view of the surgeon and patient, the importance of an ethical guideline is established. A classic cliffhanger acts as a curious call to action that motivates all relevant professionals to download the code.

03 The Result

The downloads of the online document of the "Code of Ethics and Conduct" after the launch of the film have increased massively. The guide was ultimately downloaded thousands of times.