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ABB Gala event

ABB Gala event A night to remember



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It was a night to remember. The ABB Gala Event, celebrating 125 years of history, was a true spectacle of grandeur and excellence. And soma was honoured to be a part of it, tasked with not only capturing the live moments of the event, but also creating a film that would generate even more attention and engagement for the company.

We knew straight away that a film of the event would be the perfect way to reach a massive audience and make the most out of the occasion. From the planning stages to the main event, soma was there to document and capture every moment, creating cost-effective content that could be used long after the live event was over.

The ABB Gala Event was truly something special, both on and off the stage. The making of the film was an extraordinary experience, as soma followed the progress of the event from start to finish. And the final result was nothing short of spectacular.

An event is the culmination of months of planning and preparation. Countless individuals put in countless hours to make sure that everything was perfect, and the ultimate goal was to make the event an unforgettable one. And with an event film, that goal was achieved. The film captured all the magic of the event, the moments leading up to it and the moments of the event itself, preserving it for eternity.

With soma's expertise in event film production, the ABB Gala Event was elevated to new heights, reaching an even bigger audience and leaving a lasting impact on all who were fortunate enough to witness it. It was a true testament to the power of film and the ability of soma to bring events to life in a way that is both exciting and unforgettable.Creating an event film documentation of the ABB Gala was a smart move on the part of the company, as it gave them the opportunity to further capitalise on the mega event long after it had passed. By capturing the highlights of the event on film, ABB was able to create a powerful marketing tool that could be used to promote their brand and showcase their company's achievements to a wider audience.

One of the key benefits of having an event film is the ability to share it with potential customers, investors and partners. The film can be used to demonstrate the scale and grandeur of the event, highlighting the company's commitment to excellence and showcasing the impressive range of products and services that they offer.

Additionally, an event film can also be used as a tool for internal communications, allowing employees to relive the memories of the event and share in the company's achievements. The film can also be used to educate new employees about the company's history and culture, helping to build a stronger sense of community and pride within the organisation.

Furthermore, the film documentation can be repurposed in different ways. For example, it can be edited into shorter clips and shared on social media to reach a wider audience, or used as a backdrop for presentations or as part of a virtual event. This allows the company to continue to draw attention to the event and the company itself, long after the live event has ended.

In summary, creating an event film documentation for the ABB Gala event was a wise investment for the company. It gave them the opportunity to further capitalise on the event months after it had passed, using the film as a powerful marketing tool to promote their brand, reach a wider audience, and enhance internal communications.In addition to the actual event coverage, soma also produced a separate making-of film that provided a behind-the-scenes look at the months of preparation that went into the ABB Gala. This film offered a unique perspective on the event, giving viewers a glimpse of the hard work and dedication that went into making the event a success.

The making-of film covered everything from the initial planning stages to the final touches on the day of the event. Viewers could see the heavy machinery being used to construct the event location, as well as the intricate details that went into creating the perfect atmosphere. They could see ABB's team in action, as they worked tirelessly to ensure that everything was perfect for the gala.

One of the highlights of the making-of film was the coverage of the setup process. Viewers could see the event location being built from the ground up, as well as the process of decorating the tables and preparing the food. They could watch as the porcelain plates were carefully placed on the tables, and the final touches were added to the event space.

This separate making-off film offered a unique and in-depth look at the event and the preparation that went into it. It allowed viewers to see the hard work and dedication that went into creating a truly spectacular event, and gave ABB the opportunity to showcase their expertise and attention to detail. Overall, it was a great addition to the gala film and helped to enhance the overall viewing experience.

01 the challenge

ABB wanted to create a lasting impact of their 125 years anniversary gala event and expand its reach beyond the live moment.

02 the solution

soma was hired to create an event film that captured the highlights of the event, a making-of film that showed the months of preparation and hard work that went into making the event a success.

03 the result

The event film and making-of film provided a powerful marketing tool for ABB, allowing them to continue to draw attention to the event and the company long after the live event had ended. It also enhanced internal communications and allowed employees to relive the memories of the event and share in the company's achievements.