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The most effective form of information transfer: moving image

Worldwide, Internet users conduct five million Google searches. Every 60 seconds. In the same time Netflix viewers stream about 700`000 hours of footage. The global data volume currently amounts to 60 billion gigabytes. Every month.
If you compare text and video, it becomes clear that there is really no competition for moving images as the most effective form of information transfer. The chance of grabbing the viewer's attention is much greater with videos than with plain text.
Video captures what the cursor can't, and almost always outperforms plain text. We are visual beings. Our brain can process moving images almost 40,000 times faster than text. So when it comes to getting relevant information to a target audience quickly, you should turn to moving image communications to make sure the message gets across
The young generation in particular uses moving image content to form opinions and for entertainment. To put it bluntly, Wikipedia is yesterday's news, YouTube and comparable moving image portals are the measure of all things to come.
Your target audience decides your social media channels. And your business model determines the content formats and thus indirectly the social media channels. Gaining new fans and followers is becoming increasingly difficult for companies because in the meantime many companies are active on social networks. Quality and platform-specific adaptations of your content are correspondingly important.
Videos are proven to be more engaging and entertaining than plain text, on more levels than you probably think.

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Average users watch 206 videos per month. But these are not only very young people. For example, 59% of all executives say they choose video when video and text are available on a given topic.


Users spend 88% more time on a web page that contains a video. Short videos with a length of less than two minutes receive the most attention.
soma is the communications agency in Zurich with a focus on moving images.

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The study provides the most meaningful figure when it comes to sharing online content. Video content is shared 1200% more often than text with images.
This data from a study by IdeaRocket shows that the digital community is growing rapidly and there are no signs of slowing down. Some studies even predict that 82% of all Internet traffic will be video in the coming years.
So if you want to tell an engaging and memorable brand story, moving image should play the critical role in your content strategy.
Not only are moving images the most sought-after content among online consumers, but they also offer a surefire way to engage your audience with your communication strategies, products, and services in an emotional and easy-to-understand way.

A good example of the quality of moving image communication is our work for Loop Medical, for example. An innovative product from a highly technical field of activity is communicated in an entertaining way with charming lightness.

As a film production company in Zurich, we bring your message in three steps into an easy-to-understand, entertaining format that reaches and touches your target audience. Creation, production and distribution, the three big ions of communication from a single source, uncomplicated, cost-efficient and effective.

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