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Focus on the benefits of your product: The product film

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Moving images give you the opportunity to put the advantages of your product in the center of your corporate communication. A brilliantly staged product film arouses emotions in a way that no other means of communication can. soma realizes the product film, which will convince even you as a supplier of your own product.

Loop One

Consumers are often overwhelmed by the variety of consumer goods and the oversupply of services. The more complex the functionality or performance, the more difficult it is to make a qualified decision. Those who still rely on long, overly detailed product descriptions when marketing their products are scaring off potential customers. After all, attention spans are short and media like video are a lot more popular today than simple text. A product presentation must therefore be visually appealing and comprehensible, and also focused on the essentials in order to convince the viewer in a nutshell.
Creating a product video is a suitable marketing tool to illustrate and highlight the benefits of your product or service. Processes can be easily explained and details specifically staged. Viewers immediately recognize what it's all about, how something works and what it actually looks like. Here you have the opportunity to deepen and present the specific advantages of your products. Customers can thus be optimally informed, ideally also with emotional appeal. The product video conveys application and handling and creates a more intensive atmosphere than static images and texts. The combination of animations, detailed views and interesting settings describes the quality and special features of your product particularly well.
A product film does not always have the sole aim of bringing more products into circulation. As with any film production, you should define a precise communication goal for a product film, which can be achieved with the production. For Loop Medical, for example, we created a product film with the aim of drawing the attention of investors with a short attention span to a new product innovation. A highly successful production that brought the Loop Medical company investment funds of several million.

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