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Werenbach watches

Awareness campaign

Call for fundraising for a galactic product.




Werenbach Uhren



01 The problem

The Werenbach company needed a financial boost to manufacture its latest watch model. A crowdfunding campaign was prepared with the goal of raising 200`000 CHF.

Unfortunately, the communication work prior to the launch of the campaign was neglected for a long period of time, so that attention first had to be generated again for the uniqueness of the brand.

02 The solution

soma realized an English and German appeal for donations in moving image with Werenbach CEO Patrick Hohmann, in which the USP of the brand was elaborated in a visually spectacular and highly emotional way.

The corresponding videos were designed to generate attention and sympathy for the rocket clocks again as quickly as possible. The videos were distributed via the brand's newsletter and social media channels.

03 The result

After the start of the campaign it took exactly 2 minutes until the hoped-for 200,000 CHF were realized. After one hour, the donations already amounted to 600`000 CHF.

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