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The new image film of Trafag AG

Movies watched online tend to be shorter and shorter to accommodate the ever-shorter attention span of viewers. We wanted to specifically counteract this trend with this format.

The new Trafag AG image film was deliberately conceived and implemented as a documentary. The clip is not intended to generate random users who drive up click numbers, but to deliberately appeal to highly qualified professionals who already have a focus of interest in the field and actually want to learn about the company.




Trafag AG


Corporate Documentary

01 The challenge

Trafag has customers all over the world. Both existing customers and an ever-expanding network of potential new customers. All of you want to know about Trafag.

The existing image film was already getting on in years and was to be replaced with a more up-to-date version that would also show the company's new, innoavtive fields of work.

02 The solution

With the concept of a corporate documentary, we portrayed Trafag in an innovative way. The film was shot over several days in the style of a documentary film.

The focus is on people and characters, with whose help we depict life around Trafag in two format lengths. Current projects, visions and the company philosophy are presented, as well as all areas that go beyond the purely professional day-to-day work. Interested onlookers thus gain a comprehensive insight into the working atmosphere at Trafag AG.

03 The result

The feedback on all channels served was phenomenal. Customers and partners were delighted that they could finally learn a little more about the people on their screens during video conferences. In addition, they were unanimously assured that they were working with the right partner.

Current figures on the recruitment of new employees cannot be provided at this stage. However, soma remains in contact with Trafag AG in order to be able to provide the exact case figures as soon as possible.

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