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Who invented it?

"The reinvented toilet"

An innovative invention from Switzerland

A film that is both Swiss and Asian in character. This makes it immediately clear where the invention comes from and for whom it is intended.







01 The challenge

Helbling AG has developed a prototype toilet that does not require any sanitary connections at all. The goal was to win the Bill & Melissa Gates Foundation's "reinvent the toilet challenge." The tender was specifically defined for applications in urban regions in Asia.

In order to attract positive attention at the exhibition of its prototype at the event in Beijing, Helbling AG wanted to produce a film that would be convincing both in the run-up to the event and live at the exhibition stand. Winners of the Challenge received funding for further development of the system and its market launch.

02 The solution

After extensive joint research with Helbling AG, we came to the conclusion that a single film could not sufficiently inform about technical details and at the same time create an emotional connection. As a result, we created two moving image experiences for the innovative toilet.

A first teaser explains in a highly aesthetic parallel montage between Switzerland and China the benefits and necessity of the Swiss toilet innovation and its uncomplicated operation. A second pure 3D film made it possible to experience all technical aspects of the prototype virtually live at the trade show booth in Beijing.

03 The result

Helbling AG's prototype was not awarded any funding despite its high-profile appearance. However, Foundation Board President Bill Gates explicitly praised the two Helbling films in his opening speech in Beijing.

A look behind the scenes

With the second film in the series, we explain how exactly this works with the electricity-powered toilet.

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