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Buck Rogers sends his regards

Radiation Hazard

In the style of an instructional film from the good old 60s, the “Professor” and “Gimp” demonstrate to us the no-go’s surrounding mobile X-ray equipment. Of course, with a blasting gun and all.




AO Foundation



01 The problem

The AO Foundation wants to ensure that its practicing surgeons are aware of the danger of mobile X-ray machines, especially those used at training courses. The reception of the communication content should reach the intended target group as measurably as possible.

02 The solution

The rather dry information content was prepared by soma with an animated film in a playful way, so that the target group of surgeons actually follow the communication to the end. A concise, simple visual language ensures that the information content is retained for a long time.

03 The result

The information conveyed by the animated film is successful based on the user statistics.

That's what the customer says :

"One of the most didactically valuable teaching tools we've ever had in our arsenal."

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