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Standalone Smart

Orange Machine

A short film around a demonstration prototype from Helbling. What if your drink dispenser knows better what you need than you do?






Produkt Teaser

01 The challenge

Helbling has invented a prototype dispensing system that uses a Smart EDGE device to detect which beverage offering is most plausibly desired. Artificial intelligence applications are a coveted growth market, but the technical intricacies are difficult to communicate. Helbling has already demonstrated its expertise in this innovative segment with the prototype, but this potential is also to be highlighted to shareholders and the public in a charming and comprehensible manner.

02 The solution

With a compact, simple story and a fancy scenario, the prototype's functionality is illustrated in an understandable way.

It quickly becomes clear that Helbling is a competent player in this innovative business field. The film was placed both on internal company channels and on business-relevant portals such as LinkedIn, where the desired target group is reached directly.

03 The result

This first marketing push has already borne fruit. Thanks to film and other accompanying measures, Helbling has been able to hold initial talks with various interest groups about possible collaborations.

This success led to a further collaboration between Helbling and soma in the Smart EDGE Devices segment. We look forward to supporting Helbling in marketing its innovativeness again in 2022.

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