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Clever devices

Loop One

Even though the Loop One does not have any high-tech electronics, it is definitely “smart”.

Loop Medical has developed a super-innovative solution for medical blood collection, which is uncomplicated and painless for patients, but also massively facilitates efficiency, quality and standardized integration of samples for medical professionals. This win-win situation for the entire medical sector should be communicated in a correspondingly comprehensible and attractive manner.




Loop Medical



01 The problem

In order to further develop the Loop One to market maturity, Loop Medical needs investors. Of course, they are not alone in this in the free market. Loop Medical needs a solution that gets them noticed and sets you apart from similar startups.

02 The solution

soma realized a cost-efficient short film, which highlights all the advantages of Loop One in an entertaining and understandable way in music video style, without getting lost in details. soma has selected the most important USPs accordingly from the wealth of technical innovations and packaged them in an enjoyable dose of film.

03 The result

The film worked: Loop Medical secured 5.9 million Swiss francs in investment money. Investment Gain Article:

The fundraiser film

The term fundraiser film is probably an in-house creation. But that's what this is all about. How do you stand out from a sea of competing, equally smart product innovations when looking for investors? How do you convince investors with tight time management to take a closer look at a product?

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