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On a voyage of discovery

Lab Solutions

With this ode to all explorers with lab coats, we call attention to the Lab Division of Mettler Toledo.




Mettler Toledo


Image Film

01 The challenge

Mettler Toledo's Laboratory Division offers an industry-leading range of products and services for laboratories in 5 major industry segments, from pharmaceutical to scientific.

In a rapidly evolving digital marketplace, consumer attention is shifting to more time-efficient sources of information, such as online videos, which offer much more condensed and highly informative information. Today, these form the basis for future, better-informed purchasing decisions.

02 The solution

A film for a variety of purposes. This is not the optimal strategy if you want to create a memorable, visually stunning and captivating movie.

Stretching the available resources too far will lead to compromises that will be seen, heard, and acknowledged by your audience and ultimately by you.

That's why we encourage all our clients to focus the core message of their film on something simple that can be remembered and understood. The creation of any moving image project should focus on getting this message across.

Movies don't ultimately sell products or services. They sell emotions. But emotions do sell products. We wanted to produce a film that emotionally ensures that the viewer recognizes the Lab Division as a competent partner.

03 The result

The film concept stands out from the previous communication. Our approach has paid off, in just 4 months the film has been viewed over 17,000 times. This represents a 30x improvement compared to similar films from the same channel. Potential customers around the world were thus made aware of the benefits of Mettler Toledo's Lab Solutions.

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