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Fast Forward

Lab Automation

Using elaborate motion timelaspe techniques, we illustrate a day in the lab.




Mettler Toledo


Image Film

01 The challenge

Mettler Toledo offers a diverse product range of laboratory automation solutions and wants to present the most important product highlights in an exciting film.

Since these are highly specialized solutions that are unlikely to be used outside of laboratories, the entire film should take place in an actual laboratory.

02 The solution

With the use of a time-lapse effect, we wanted to address one of the most important USP's already in the story: Time plays a central role in laboratories and with automation solutions this is used much more effectively. We show the work in a laboratory with motion timelapses over the duration of a normal working day and at the same time focus on various Mettler Toledo products. And as a bonus: Finally, we'll show you how the devices continue to work even after work hours.

03 The result

The unusual implementation as motion timelapse has achieved its effect and in a comparable period of time over 20x more views on Youtube

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