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Steam instead of smoke

"Steam Bar"

The InSmoke company recognized the trend early on. Smoking cigarettes is old news. With this TV spot in super-short format, we make it clear: We want a world where it no longer stinks of smoke – without having to compromise.







01 The challenge

InSmoke wanted to enter the Swiss market with an innovative new product. In order to quickly increase the sales figures for the market launch, the product had to be made known to as many potential buyers as possible as quickly as possible.

02 The solution

To accompany the usual advertising on the company's own digital channels, regional distribution on TV is the best strategy for being seen by the target group. soma produced an entertaining commercial that conveys the most important message in 16 seconds: Finally, a world without smoke. The funny and colorful clip guarantees attention until the last second.

03 The result

Sales of the InSmoke Vape increased rapidly, allowing the product range to be further expanded.

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