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The nuts and bolts of the patient/surgeon relationship

Code of Ethics and Conduct

Patient, meet surgeon. Surgeon, meet patient.

Surgeons must adhere to ethical principles. In order to convince as many physicians as possible to take a look at the AO Foundation’s guide, a conventional mailing is definitely not enough.




AO Foundation



01 The problem

The AO Foundation has published an ethical guide for practicing surgeons. In this "Code of Ethics and Conduct", all physicians practicing under the "AO" label worldwide are prescribed a code of conduct according to which they must act.

The AO Foundation was looking for an animating communication that would encourage as many of its contracted physicians as possible to download and internalize the guide.

02 The solution

With a dynamic, funny animated film from the perspective of the surgeon and patient, the importance of an ethical guideline is established. A classic cliffhanger acts as a curious call-to-action that motivates all relevant professionals to download the code.

03 The result

Downloads of the online document of the "Code of Ethics and Conduct" after the launch of the film have increased massively. The guide was ultimately downloaded thousands of times.

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