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A classic corporate documentary

AO Technical Commission AOTK

In the style of a corporate documentary, we will experience the ins and outs of the AO technical commission and meet people who can tell exciting stories about their role within the AO Foundation.






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01 The problem

The AOTK is the important link between a non-profit organization and commercial medical technology. Unfortunately, its existence is relatively unknown even to key stakeholders.

02 The solution

The target group should not simply be provided with information, but also perceive it as credible. The ideal format for this is the corporate documentary, in which the company's key players can authentically explain the facts themselves.

In front of the camera, many people find it difficult to act naturally. In a corporate documentary, no one is forced to "perform" in front of the camera. In order for the characters to behave as authentically as possible, soma had the protagonists act in dialogue with colleagues and acquaintances.

03 The result

According to AOTK, the film was showered with praise and the film achieved massively above-average views.

The corporate documentary is an exciting, unconventional format that we at soma like to cultivate and constantly develop.

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