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Digital visit to the plant.

All IP comes

“All IP” comes to all businesses in Switzerland and offers them new digital tools and services to optimize and improve their daily work through the latest technology.







01 The challenge

Swisscom is converting the Swiss telephone network from traditional analog to digital IP telephony. This fundamental transformation has consequences for the Swiss economy, where countless systems are based on analog telephony and are firmly integrated.

All farms in the country must be informed about this upcoming changeover to avoid possible process interruptions.

02 The solution

With an amusing mix of real film and CGI, we show how "All IP" is actually coming to the enterprise, bringing digital innovation along for the ride.

The elaborately shot clip impresses above all with a seamless integration of the CGI character into real footage.

03 The result

The response was great. Many businesses subsequently contacted Swisscom to find out more about how this digitization step will affect their operations.

Subsequently, it was decided to continue with a second campaign to inform about the progress of the introduction of "All IP".

The information campaign continued

Several 2D animated infoclips provided information on the next steps of the changeover and directly answered the most frequently asked questions of customers.

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