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125 Years Gala Event

One can be proud of 125 years of company history. For its anniversary, ABB afforded itself a gala of superlatives and soma was commissioned to ensure that these generated attention for more than just the few moments of the live experience.

Thanks to a film, an event reaches a massively larger audience.







125 years ABB

Making Of

The gala was an extraordinary experience in front of and behind the scenes. With this Making Of soma accompanied and documented the gala from the planning to the main event. This is cost-effective content that, with the appropriate film, makes the benefits of the event usable beyond the live moment.

The event film

An event is the magical fulfillment of months of planning and preparation. Countless people put hours upon hours into the perfect staging of the event, eagerly awaiting the ultimate finale.

An event film is able to preserve this moment – and the many moments before it – for eternity.

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