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Not selling a product, but selling emotions: The commercial

Selling not a product, but emotions

A commercial (also called a commercial spot, commercial video or commercial clip ) is a short film that promotes a product, service or brand.

The right commercial will ensure that your product is bought more often. And refrain from unnecessary blah-blah. Just like this statement.

Emotions, not movies, sell products. And movies are even exceptionally good at selling emotions, which is why your product or service should definitely be paired with positive feelings in a movie. It’s no coincidence that many commercials rely on humor.

And we know how to arouse emotions. Not only on traditional channels like TV and cinema, but also online, where your future customers can be reached. We realize the commercial that will sell your product more often in the future. Your next billing will be our reference.

"Wir lieben Zürich sauber"


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