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The right content for every channel: Tailored production

UNICEF "Cycling for children"

"Every platform has your language."

Every social media platform has its own rules about what goes down well and gets lots of likes. That's why you need the right content for every channel! Not every film flutters virally through the digital ether. soma usually produces its films immediately with the corresponding downcuts for the desired online channels.

For decades, classic TV advertising was the axe in the arsenal of marketing specialists when it came to penetrating the living rooms of potential customers. Today in the age of Fast Forward and ad blockers, social media films are the scalpel for reaching the exact audience that matters to you. soma creates and produces this social media film with surgical precision and infectious passion. Your future clicks will go through the roof.

This usually requires experience. The following tricks, how you too can realize a content that generates as much attention as a human chicken on five square meters (See above example for Biosuisse), should bring you the pole position on the race track to own experiences.

The right content for your social media channels

Ever since explainer videos became so effective, there has been a lot of hype about the power of video marketing. It is a highly effective medium, but we must keep its limitations in mind.
You should ask yourself a few questions right at the beginning: What interest should someone have in following your company on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. in the long term? What added value can you offer users? How can you entertain them? There are business concepts that are less suitable for social media because the customer life cycle is simply too short.
So think carefully in advance about which topics you can occupy around your products that are relevant to your target groups. Don't cling too tightly to your product or service, but think about related topics as well.
In addition to presenting various champagnes, a champagne retailer can also focus on the winemakers and their wineries, the Champagne travel region, or culinary delights in combination with champagne on social networks. Tips on storage, drinking temperature or choosing the right glasses would also be conceivable. Are you regularly on the lookout for trainees and specialists? Then you could also use your social media channels to position yourself as a good employer by offering a look behind the scenes, letting trainees or employees have their say, and so on.

Under no circumstances should you make the mistake of viewing social media as a pure sales channel. Even if you would like to sell, of course, you should always give your fans and followers the feeling that you want to do something good for them or offer them added value. You should therefore use discount promotions and product introductions rather subtly.

An editorial plan helps you structure your content ideas and ensures that you don't have to rethink what you're talking about today with every post. Templates for editorial plans can be downloaded free of charge from the Internet. Free tools can also be found online for content ideas or popular keywords:

W-question tool


Google Trends

International holidays such as World Children's Day could also serve as a hook for your posts. Every day of the year offers a wide range of opportunities for your content. You can find them on Wikipedia by entering the respective date, e.g. September 19, my birthday.

Biosuisse Huhn


Your target audience decides your social media channels. And your business model determines the content formats and thus indirectly the social media channels. Gaining new fans and followers is becoming increasingly difficult for companies because in the meantime many companies are active on social networks. Quality and platform-specific adaptations of your content are correspondingly important.

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