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Employer Branding Film: Attracting better applicants

Employer Branding Film: Attracting better applicants

In a rapidly changing job market, employer branding films are the best way to make your company stand out from the crowd and attract the right talent to your team that you need to keep your company running successfully.

The top priority of any employer who can only survive in a competitive labor market with a highly specialized and motivated workforce is to have not only many but, above all, the right candidates interviewing with them.

Credibility is the most important criterion for attracting a confident, new generation of employees to your company. And strong, modern content attracts strong, innovative personalities.

Are you having trouble attracting the right talent?

In an increasingly visual society, recruitment videos are the most efficient tool to qualify your brand and corporate culture externally. A study by HubSpot showed that conversion rates increase by 80% with a marketing film. The proportion of users who don’t just surf and browse, but engage, interact, or buy, almost doubles.

Another study by CareerBuilder also proved that job postings with a video are viewed 12% more often and result in a 34% higher application rate on average.

While both the recruiting film and the employer branding video have the goal of attracting new employees, the recruiting film specifically targets a specific advertised position. The employer branding video, on the other hand, presents the company in general as an attractive employer.

With an employer branding or recruitment film, you attract the attention of precisely the target group that will help you succeed in the long term. And soma is happy to design and produce the right film for it. Now here are some helpful tips from the pros on exactly what to look for in a recruiting film.

Recruiting video: What are the goals?

The most important rule when producing a recruiting video: Be clear about what you are doing. Recruiting videos primarily support employer branding and are intended to convince potential candidates to select your company as a future employer. Often referred to as video testimonials, they exemplify the day-to-day workings of your company. However, many companies still see recruiting videos as advertising or image films and thus cut their own flesh . You won’t get very far with them today.

Three hallmarks of a good recruiting video

It’s no magic trick at all to produce a good video, as long as you keep the following basics in mind:

  • The right factors for an application are listed
  • Authenticity
  • Professional Look and Fee

What factors are important?

The so-called soft factors are particularly important for applicants. In job interviews, people like to talk about “soft skills”, meaning abilities and talents that cannot be expressed in numbers: EG. Creativity, commitment, motivation or diligence. Companies also have such soft skills and these are particularly important to applicants when it comes to deciding on their future jobs.

● Good working atmosphere
● Compatibility of family and career / work-life balance
● Fun in the team
● Flat hierarchies
● Promotion and career opportunities
● Flexible working hours / flexitime
● Flexible workplace design / home office arrangement
● etc.

Your recruiting video is the perfect setting to share such important reasons to apply. Hard facts and cold business ratios have no place here. To put it bluntly: How much sales you made last year, how many locations you have, that you are the market leader in Europe, etc. really doesn’t interest anyone! The fact that there is a foosball table in your meeting room is much more interesting.

Pro tip: Ask your employees how they would convince their friends about your company or why they themselves chose the company at the time. The reasons given will be the same as those for which future applicants will make this decision.


Above all, a recruiting video must be authentic, otherwise it will look untrustworthy. This distinguishes the recruiting video from the image film. The latter usually reflects an embellished and in many cases highly distorted picture of reality. It’s a commercial. And applicants – it must be emphasized once again – do not want to see advertising! It’s much nicer when the employees themselves have their say in the interview and don’t just read image texts from the off.

Pro tip: Avoid scripts and previously written dialogs as much as possible. Let your team speak “off the cuff”. It seems a little less clean, but your video isn’t supposed to be perfect, it’s supposed to be believable. If your audience feels like they’re watching real people they can relate to, you’ve won.

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Professional look and feel

A “classic” recruiting video looks like this: The main element is a “protagonist”, i.e. an employee who reports on the company. Why she likes working for the company, her personal reasons for choosing the company back then, and what her future plans are. She acts as a brand ambassador for your company and thus actively supports your employer branding. While she is telling the story, you can also show more shots of the workplace or colleagues. Ideally, what is shown matches what is said. So if the current protagonist talks about how much fun it is in the team and how relaxed the atmosphere is, don’t show them at the photocopier, but at table soccer with their colleagues.

Who produces your recruiting video?

Theoretically, you could also set about production yourself. What you need for this: A camera, a reasonably good microphone, and someone who knows a little about video editing. However, it is usually better to turn to a professional. So you can be sure that not only the quality is right in the end. and the necessary emotions are transported. Just about every video production company has recruiting videos in their portfolio.

Pro tip: Recruiting videos are usually 1 to 3 minutes long and don’t focus on too many protagonists at once. Two or three employees in the interview are enough.


The last and perhaps most important piece of advice: a recruiting video doesn’t have to be overly original. What makes a recruiting video: an insight into everyday working life, stories and interviews with colleagues, and pictures of the future workplace. Originality requires the work of professionals. Otherwise, you run the risk of leaving the wrong impression.


Videos are an incredible asset to your recruiting process. Shared in an appealing job posting via facebook or Twitter, or prominently placed on your careers page, you’ll achieve good reach. In addition, videos speak to your applicants much more directly and emotionally. It is important that your video remains authentic and does not degenerate into a soulless image film. Put yourself in your target group’s shoes and try to convey the most important information – this way you will achieve the desired effect and attract suitable and qualified applicants.

Pro tip: Avoid scripts and previously written dialogs as much as possible. Let your team speak “off the cuff”. It seems a little less clean, but your video isn’t supposed to be perfect, it’s supposed to be believable. If your audience feels like they’re watching real people they can relate to, you’ve won.

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