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Reaching your customers despite ad blockers: The Brand Film

Still reach your customers in the age of Fast Forward and ad blockers

Your future customer is creative. Especially in filtering out your advertising information. She wants attractive content without annoying advertising, where and when she wants it.

soma produces content that people want to see. The amuse. Inspire. To the heart. And we give your product, your service, the best possible supporting role. So that your product or service also remains in the minds, hearts and buying decisions of users.

Your company has only one face. And this is the be-all and end-all of your success. This face is your brand.

How your customers, competitors and suppliers perceive you in the market is your brand! Is your company hip and trendy or conservative and trustworthy? Effective branding should play the crucial role in your marketing strategy.

In this strategy, a Brand Film is your most efficient tool. Unfortunately, video marketing is still used consciously far too rarely. Yet it's the easiest and most cost-effective way to make your business stand out among your target audience, especially on social media.

We will be happy to explain step by step how to create an efficient Brand Film.

What exactly is a Brand Film?

It is important to define exactly what attributes a brand film must have in order to be effective.

A brand film is a video that increases the attention of your target audience and directs them to your company and its services. It does not have to advertise a specific product, but establishes an emotional connection to your brand with the viewers.

In no case should your movie be a poorly made low quality video. This quality ultimately represents your brand. 62% of all consumers develop a significantly worse image of your brand if they judge the quality of a video as negative.

A good example is the above production for Red Bull, which roots the brand in Switzerland without words on a high production standard. It conveys feelings such as daring, risk-taking, exclusivity or innovation.

What is branding?

Most people consider the logo of a brand to be the brand. This is an antiquated attitude that costs companies money. Not logo, name, colors, slogans, CD/CI are your brand, but how you are perceived by your customers! The easiest way to do this is to think of your business as a person. It interacts with other people on a daily basis, builds relationships, and has its own personality and values.

All your daily interactions, customer service, social media posts, content marketing, newsletters, and of course the video content you generate add up to a lasting impression on your customers*. The goal of your marketing efforts should be to drive increasingly higher levels of public recognition in all of these interactions.

Red Bull "The Pass"

The benefits of a brand film: why your brand needs a strong video

The figures from the study speak for themselves: 46% of all consumers make a purchase decision after seeing a brand film. Another 32% were considering an immediate purchase. 79% of all respondents consider online videos to be the easiest way to get to know a company. Put it all together and it adds up to a simple calculation:

Brand Film = Revenue + Brand Awareness.

In addition, moving image content is also something that Google values highly. Your business being on page 1 of Google is 53x more likely with a video on your website !

Other studies have also shown that a brand film on a landing page can increase the conversion rate by up to 80%.

How do you establish your brand?

Know the target audience: If you want to appeal to everyone, you will ultimately reach no one. Develop your own authentic brand message Generate a constant presence on social media with high video content

Here is a statistic that proves a lot: 93% of all companies generate new customers as a direct result of a video posting on facebook.

It takes a little patience and, at best, the courage to try a little before the look and feel of your brand message comes across harmoniously. However, the effort is definitely worth it.

Do Brand Movies Work?

Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Every study so far has confirmed the powerful effect of Brand films. In particular, a broad-based study by Ad Age has generated meaningful insights. The reactions to a brand film in comparison to a conventional advertising film were investigated. The following three facts emerged in the study with nearly 5000 users:

The Brand Film makes people happy. Viewers of branded content were 62 percent more likely to respond positively than those who watched 30-second conventional commercials. And because branded content typically tells a strong story, emotional engagement during the viewing experience also increased by 31 percent. On the other hand, they found that the emotional response of people who saw traditional commercials remained pretty much the same.

Happy people remember your brand. Over 67 percent of participants* felt that the brand content in the brand film was more entertaining and relevant, and that they were more likely to think of the advertised brand when making a purchase.

Happy people who remember your brand will buy. Respondents who saw the Brand Film rated the brand 57 percent more positively than the control group who saw conventional advertising. When asked about purchase intent, those who had seen the brand video were 17 percent more likely to say they were "very likely" to buy the advertised brand. Other studies have shown similar results in relation to branded video content. The evidence for the need to use branded content is there. Now all you have to do is go out and make your brand videos.

How to make a brand video

Know your target audience

If you're not sure exactly who your target audience is, we recommend reading this resource from CoSchedule to help you answer that question.

Make a plan

When most people start with videos, you act on gut instinct and just do anything. A bad move.

To really get the most out of your branded content, you need to have a plan. Set the goal of your video and follow the next steps.

Tell stories people want to hear

There are many ways to tell a story, but a good video will not only captivate your viewers, but also be interesting enough that they will want to share the video with others.

Tailor your content to your brand message

This is a branding video. You should be focused and align your brand elements. It wouldn't make sense to promote a branding video that users don't like, and besides, it could hurt your overall brand awareness and loyalty. Ensure consistency by making sure your video content sounds like your brand message and is distinctively you.

Show your brand colors and logo

There are many ways to tell a story, but a good video will not only captivate your viewers, but also be interesting enough that they will want to share the video with others.

Tell stories people want to hear

One of the first things viewers notice before they even start listening is how a video speaks to them visually. Use this to your advantage and incorporate your brand's colors or theme into the shot. For example, by decorating the shooting location in your CD/CI colors or adding animated effects. Showing a version of your logo on the screen as often as possible also helps to clarify the idea of your brand.

Experiment with video before investing in big productions

Don't let a lack of experience with film and video scare you away. Get to know the medium in a playful way before you decide which direction your Brand Film should take. This way, you may discover a style of your own or authentic moments or situations that will later give your professional brand film a unique flair.

Share your Brand Film on social media

Not every video is created specifically for social media. Videos created for landing pages, for example, are meant to support sales. But just because that's the original purpose doesn't mean you shouldn't share it on social channels.

In our blog on the most important aspects of an event film . have already written about how effective brand videos are on social media, so make sure you share all your videos on your social networks.

To get the most out of it, pay attention to which hashtags attract your audience and the best time to post to drive views and engagement.


As we've learned, branded video content is some of the most important content to include in your overall marketing strategy. If you give people the content they want, they will reward you with sales and social networks.

We at soma will be happy to advise you on the creation of your brand film. We'll help you every step of the way to create a unique, engaging brand video.

You have a fantastic brand. So get out there and show them to the world with a new brand video.

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