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Content Marketing: Communicate Entertainingly!

Content marketing is the magic word that permanently bleeds through soma’s everyday life. We want to bring your communication to the customer. But pure marketing, ludicrous product placements or conventional advertising hardly make it past the attention threshold in this day and age. So that your information is not sent into digital nirvana in the famous two seconds after clicking, soma packages your information in an attractive film that your target group wants to see. Because honestly, mankind now knows what an adblocker is, and thanks to streaming services, commercial breaks are just annoying nostalgia of old flicker box days.

“Data does not get viral. Stories do!”

Lisa Johnson

In our understanding, content marketing is branded entertainment. If your brand, product or service is not communicated in an entertaining way, it is a matter of time until your core customer base dies out.

soma turns your communication into a serial hit for customers. Then you will not be threatened by a “Squid Game”. We wrap your product in a “House of Cards” and host a “Game of Thrones” . Your content becomes the absolute “Mindhunter” of your target group, be it “Good Girls” , “Stranger Things” or “Trailer Park Boys”. Your communication finds its way into the heart and brain of your customers until “The End of the F***ing World” or “After Live”. Even without a budget in the millions.

The most important arguments at a glance

If you distrust our more or less subtle advertising message about working with soma and our attitude, here are the fifteen most convincing arguments why strong content and stories should be the foundation of your marketing strategy today.

  1. The heart of any digital marketing strategy is its content
  2. Stable content generates an attractive return on investment (ROI)
  3. Strong content generates natural Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  4. Content marketing is cost-effective
  5. Today’s customers are hungry for new content: feed them!
  6. Attractive content generates trust among your website visitors
  7. Enrich your sales funnel with a story that makes you want to move on to the next funnel
  8. You increase your own understanding of your ideal customer
  9. You strengthen your customer relationship
  10. With strong content you clearly stand out from your competitors
  11. Your next customer is probably already looking for exciting content herself
  12. Your customers share exciting content and maximize your reach without your intervention
  13. Great stories attract users back to your website because they want to see more.
  14. Strong content leads to you being perceived as a capacity in your field
  15. Attractive, consistent content leads to a sustainable, cumulative return on investment (ROI)

If you want to read the details of these arguments, you can find the corresponding article here. Or do you trust us to back up many words with actions and consume the following fairy-tale version of this blog?


Once upon a time there was a somewhat aging advertisement that liked to sell products. The products were very close to her heart. She invested a lot of money in their appearance and polished them to a high shine every day. One day, however, customers were no longer interested in pretty product information.

They had become accustomed to being almost constantly sprinkled by a fantastically virtual world. Their interest was mainly fun and standout entertainment. The products were visibly gathering dust on their shelves. Advertising, of course, was sad that it had apparently lost its importance and reputation. Her heartache so warmed the wizard Contenti Marcetti that he took care of her.

And he told the world around the virtual campfire a magical story that touched people, inspired them and made them think and laugh. The products played only an original supporting role in it, which at first greatly offended the advertising. However, the amused spectators have noticed the sympathetically modest products very well. And they wanted these useful little things in their lives from then on. Because they always conjured up a little magic in their everyday lives.

The small advertising and Contenti Marcetti soon after established a joint household. Together, they polish products to a high shine and make them part of wonderful stories. Their products go out full of adventure and bring some magic to the world. And if all involved have not died and qualitatively deliver what they promise, they are still alive and functioning today.

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