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The complete film

Are you planning a film and already have ideas about what it should be? Then THIS OFFER is just right for you!

Your own film production

Roll the film!

Produce your own movie

Are you planning a film and already have ideas about what it should be? Then THIS OFFER is just right for you!

it also goes 100% uncomplicated.

One for all

An offer for everyone.

Together with our experienced cameraman, you will work out exactly the footage on the day of the shoot to bring your vision to life.

Latest technology

Only the best technology for your film. We are always up to date.

Professionals at work

Our "Shooting Directors" not only know how to operate the camera.

Your vision

We set the scene for your work with our know-how.

All included

Clearly defined and calculable. You pay only for what you really need.


We are prepared for everything

With the latest film technology, we can make almost all your wishes a reality.

4K camera





Where the real magic happens

In the edit, life is finally breathed into the footage. Our editors all have years of experience and know how to shape YOUR story from the footage they shoot. Your film will be professionally graded and the sound mastered.

Our All Inclusive Offer

Everything you need for your film from a single source.

In a video call we learn everything about your film concept. We make suggestions on how best to stage your vision and propose solutions if something is not feasible within the offer.

The clarifying conversation forms the basis for the filming and all open questions should be clarified in their entirety.

All shots of your film will be realized in one day of shooting.

We get the absolute maximum out of the time available.

Our cameramen are long-time professionals who can do much more than capture beautiful images. Our "Shooting Directors" are skilled storytellers and therefore the most important tool in your arsenal to tell a great story.

Together you will work out the best strategy to capture the most beautiful images

soma is always at your disposal before, during and after the shoot.

Our back office accompanies your film from A to Z and puts us on the back foot for a smooth production.

Our film equipment is always state of the art.
We know how to use the latest technical achievements from the world of film to your advantage.

With the right light in the scene, everything looks much better.
The lighting equipment we bring is versatile and adaptable.

And we know how to use them most effectively for interviews and accenting.

Not so long ago an exclusive post - today impossible to imagine without it.

A high-end 4K drone will be at your disposal on your shooting day.

You don't understand how important sound is in your film until the sound is bad.

We make sure they never have to find out for themselves. With digital radio links and onboard mic's we don't miss anything acoustically and we can mic up to two people without any problems.

Our editing suite is reserved for your production for two days.

This fully equipped suite is by far not only for cutting. We advise you on how we can best use the time to get the most out of your production.

All lest

The complete service overview is available here

off we go

We bring you out in a big way

Our talented team can't wait to capture your story on the big screen.

The complete film


We will write THE script that will make your film a masterpiece. Tell us your goal and we will take care of the rest.



You already know: pictures say more than words. With the right storyboard, you explain your film idea to all stakeholders. No matter whether as "Simple", or "Exclusive".



Voice recording with a professional speaker in a recording studio. For content up to 5min for commercial use in Switzerland.



Not everyone feels comfortable when the camera light goes on. Our experienced realizers get the very best out of everyone who stands in front of the camera.

on request


We make sure that everyone looks shiny. Respectively, that just nobody shines.

500.- p.p.


Something we always suggest. After a reko, all questions that might arise on the shoot are answered.


Extra hour

In case one day of shooting is not quite enough.



You will receive not only the finished film, but also the complete raw material of the shooting day. They can do whatever they want with it. No questions asked.

We offer you much more! All options can be found here:

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