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Communicate attractively and efficiently: The soma philosophy

If you want to tell an engaging and memorable brand story, moving image should play the critical role in your content strategy.

Moving image inspires, touches and seduces. Also in your communication.

The young generation in particular uses moving image content to form opinions and for entertainment. To put it bluntly, Wikipedia is yesterday's news, YouTube and comparable moving image portals are the measure of all things to come.

soma is the communications agency in Zurich with a focus on moving images.

"Tell us your story and we tell it on - with films that stay in memory, go to the heart, are fun, surprise and convince!"

Not only are moving images the most sought-after content among online consumers, but they also provide a surefire way to engage your audience with your communication strategies, products, and services in an emotional and easy-to-understand way.

Loop One

Our production for Loop Medical proves that in a minute and a half. The right film communicates even complex content entertainingly, emotionally and with charming ease.

As a film production company in Zurich, we bring your message in three steps into an easy-to-understand, entertaining format that reaches and touches your target audience. Creation, production and distribution, the three big ions of communication, from a single source, uncomplicated, cost-efficient and effective.

An initial consultation is free of charge and will be fun for you, we guarantee it.

soma consists of longstanding


from film production, TV and online, who learned storytelling in film production from the ground up."

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