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If you want to tell an attractive and memorable brand story, moving pictures should be key in your content strategy. Media contents are not just there for entertainment, but play a crucial role in forming opinions - especially in younger generations. YouTube, TikTok and [insert next trend platform here] have taken the reins of Wikipedia and instructables, life hacks, reviews and cat videos have become a fixed staple in guiding us through our lifes.
soma is a film agency in Zurich and we want to be your guide in producing the most effective content for your platform.

“Tell us your story and we'll make it fly - with memorable films and animations that go straight to the heart, are fun and full of surprise.”

videos are not only the most absorbed content among online consumers, but also offer a sure way to engage your audience in an emotional and easy-to-understand way.

As a film production company in Zurich, we bring your message in three steps into an easy-to-understand, entertaining format that reaches and touches your target audience.

  • creation
  • production
  • distribution

creation. Worldwide, internet users perform five million Google searches. Every 60 seconds. At the same time, Netflix viewers stream about 700`000 hours of footage.

“We make sure your information stands out from this infinite sea of data. With a captivating story, we link your company or product to your target audience so your message has a lasting impact.”

Clever content marketing is increasingly outpacing traditional advertising. We create attractive content for all your communication channels. B2B, B2C, external, internal, public and private, whatever you want to communicate, we make sure it will reach, interest and inspire your target audience. Whether it's live action, animation, CGI or VR360°, we'll create the right format that's right for your message and audience and efficiently meets your budget expectations.

production. The whole world is posting pictures and movies of themselves, their products, pets or lunches online. These are snapshots, not stories. What matters is the right storytelling, the right customer journey for your target audience.

“Data does not go viral. Stories do!” Lisa Johnson

Individual goals require individual solutions and every communication channel requires specific storytelling. We guarantee the best quality implementation of your communication goals in the desired channel and corresponding budget framework.

distribution. Don't just watch. Be seen.

In the digital age, communication has become a burden for many companies and individuals. The thicket of the digital jungle of mail flood, social media channels, cat videos and advertising banners is getting bigger and denser every day. soma not only has the right machete to make room for your message in this jungle, but also specialists in digital marketing and social media who know how to wield it skillfully. Simply put, we create the perfect content and ensure that your target audience will also find it in the digital turmoil that is the world wide web.

You're in good company. A selection of clients that entrust us in successfully unite them with their audience.

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agency. soma is a film communications agency in Zürich: the synergy of long-standing professionals from advertising, film and television.

soma makes your communication better. That's why we're called soma. With Aldous Huxley, we are a drug, mood enhancer and aphrodisiac. In Indian mythology, we are the earthly equivalent of immortality and ambrosia for humanity. Meaning we pump adrenaline, ephedrine, dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin into your heart project. 

We want to communicate your needs in such a way that they go to the heart, are remembered, surprise, convince and entertain. And we want you, the customer, to be able to experience all of these wonderful worlds of feeling when you work with us.


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