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The creation:

The creation: Standing out with a brilliant idea


Feb 21

A successful video production is most often characterized by a brilliant idea rather than sophisticated technology. Even productions with modest budgets can become audience favorites, despite not relying on Hollywood effects and gloss. Undoubtedly, the proper implementation is the finishing touch of any production, but the most important work happens long before the first take. "The Blair Witch Project" demonstrated this many years ago when an international blockbuster was created with a few simple cameras in the woods. Creation is reflection, which means that the right concept is tailored precisely to the target audience. Currently, the amount of data in the global digital jungle is about 60 billion gigabytes per month. Conventional information is filtered out by users in less than a breath. Your information must stand out from this infinite dataset. This only works with the right story and strategy. In words and images that hit home. Entertain. Stir. Make curious. Move. And convince. The whole world posts pictures and videos of themselves, their products, pets, or meals online. These are snapshots, not stories. The key to the quality of a story is the right dramaturgy, the appropriate customer journey for your target audience. At soma, we work with ten golden rules for compelling stories:

  • A story is a metaphor
  • No death, no story
  • Every scene is a hero's journey
  • The protagonist is a quality feature
  • Where you stumble, there lies the treasure
  • Pondering is not acting
  • Storytelling is dramatic, scenic storytelling
  • Surprise is the secret of drama
  • Follow your desire
  • Only emotions create relevance

Each of these 10 points already triggers a lot of mental cinema. Do we have it right? The minds behind soma have been celebrating this mental cinema for over 20 years, giving birth to over 5,000 stories that have found their way onto screens, movie theaters, monitors, and paper on all continents of the world. Some stories have even reached space. Curious?

At soma, we work with you to develop THE story that touches your target audience and stays in their memory. You can access some current stories with a simple click on this magical button.

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