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Motion pictures: The most effective form of information communication


Feb 21

Worldwide, internet users conduct five million Google searches every 60 seconds.

During the same time, Netflix viewers stream approximately 700,000 hours of content. The current global data volume is 60 billion gigabytes per month. When comparing text and video, it is clear that there is no competition for video as the most effective form of information delivery. The chance of capturing the viewer's attention is much greater with videos than with text alone.

Video captures what the cursor cannot, and almost always outperforms text. We are visual beings. Our brains can process moving images almost 40,000 times faster than text. Therefore, when it comes to quickly delivering relevant information to a target audience, one should turn to video communication to ensure that the message gets across.

Especially the younger generation uses video content for opinion-forming and entertainment. In a casual sense, Wikipedia is outdated, and YouTube and similar video portals are the measure of all future things.

Your target audience determines your social media channels. And your business model determines the content formats and thus indirectly the social media channels. Acquiring new fans and followers for companies is becoming increasingly difficult because many companies are active on social networks. Accordingly, the quality and platform-specific adaptation of your content is essential.

Videos are proven to be more appealing and entertaining than pure text, and on more levels than you probably think.

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Average users watch 206 videos per month. But these are not just very young people. For example, 59% of executives say they choose video when both video and text are available on a particular topic.


Users spend 88% more time on a website that contains a video. Short videos with a length of less than two minutes receive the most attention.

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The most meaningful number is the study when it comes to sharing online content. Video content is shared 1,200% more often than text with images. These data from a study by IdeaRocket show that the digital community is growing rapidly, and there are no signs of slowing down. Some studies even suggest that in the coming years, 82% of all internet traffic will consist of videos.

If you want to tell an attractive and memorable brand story, video should play a crucial role in your content strategy.

Moving images are not only the most in-demand content for online consumers but also provide a safe way to engage your audience emotionally and in an easily understandable manner for your communication strategies, products, and services. A good example of the quality of video communication is our work for Loop Medical. An innovative product from a highly technical field is communicated in an entertaining and charming way.

As a film production company in Zurich, we bring your message into an easily understandable, entertaining format that reaches and touches your target audience in three steps: creation, production, and distribution. These are the three great ions of communication, all in one place, uncomplicated, cost-effective, and effective.

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